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In that same vein, it also means your weekends never have time for friends or hobbies. Perusing the club is more dangerous than it is effective, and the odds of running into your soul mate on the street? Rather than throwing your love life on the roulette wheel, online dating lets singles zero in on their ideal match unbelievably faster than manual efforts, thanks to matching algorithms which pair people off their interests, goals, and physical appearances. Even though online dating has a reputation, it actually cuts down on the amount of creeps you’ll encounter, since sites ban users like this and allow you to report them. Our parents always warned us of strangers on the internet, but plot twist – the internet is actually safer than real life.

With online dating, you have an entire group of charming singles eager to flirt with you, and thanks to the text feature, it’s a small time commitment that allows you to enjoy it 24/7. If you go on a date with someone who turns out to be bad news, or just isn’t right for you, they now know what you look like and generally what area of the city you live in.

In other words, the Millennial Generation (aged 18-30) finds it easier, and less anxiety-provoking, to communicate through social media and text messaging than in person.

All of this online access makes the talking part of the relationship pretty limited most of the time, especially in real life.

If you already saw their trip to the Bahamas on Instagram, practically met their entire family when you were Facebook stalking them and you figured out their favorite pizza topping while scrolling through their middle school Twitter account, then what can you possibly talk about when you meet up?

This new way of dating can be both good and bad, and I'll be sharing my opinions on why that is. You put your best qualities on your profile and hide everything else. There's no telling that the hottie who lives 35 miles away actually looks like that and not like your grandma's second ex-husband. Most of the time though (at least from my experiences both first and second-hand), people are pretty real, maybe not as attractive as their photo from eight months ago, but they still basically look like their photos. There's no telling if you'll ever even meet this person if all you do is text and Snapchat them.

You can start off in the honeymoon phase one day, texting everyday, getting to know each other, and then bam, you're broken up six hours later. Once you're done with that person, you have a whole string of others waiting to chat you up.

Even if you have your eye on someone, you need a little practice before you embarrass yourself. Text and audio features make it easy to excel in flirting where you’re skilled, and jump offline if things become too much. No need to create a whole fiasco; you can enjoy a few online dates to see if the appeal is really there.

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