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HOT MESS – “So, basically, your three main options are an ex-gogo dancer who doesn’t own a phone, a guy who lives with his long term girlfriend and another guy who keeps trying to spring surprise threesomes on you?

Unfortunately, things don’t get much better when you try to access the chat rooms, which were dead when we arrived.

There are a few articles in the blog area of the site, which seemed pretty useful as they included articles on “how to avoid cultural misunderstandings” and “do’s and don’ts for dating Thai girls.” If you’re serious about dating person from Thailand but you don’t know much about the culture then these articles could prove valuable.

Another depressing aspect is that, of all the men I know, the ex-gogo dancer who doesn’t own a phone is the one my friends like the most. His reason for not having a phone, by the way, is that ‘if I had a phone, people would call me’. And that’s why, every year, my single girl friends (Thai and otherwise) seem to leave the city and then immediately hook up with some hunk that they end up living happily ever after with.

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