Austin speeddating

"That's true for both hetero and same-sex speed dating." (Sorry, there's still no actual mathematical formula for dating success yet.

Apparently, chemistry still plays a role in the process.) In Austin, our hugely popular Nerd Nite has rebranded their monthly mixers as "Speed-Friending" to reduce the amount of pressure put on each of the potential dates.

Started at Nerd Nite New York in 2006, the popular mixers have become a monthly staple at a third of the 30 Nerd Nite sites around the world.

"[Nerd speed dating] really started because people at our shows kept asking me every night if I knew anyone at the show who was single," says Nerd Nite NYC "Boss," Matt Wasowski.

"For the upcoming event, we have reduced the number of slots, adjusted the ticket prices for men and women, and moved it to a more comfortable area within the venue.

I am also going to try to get the results of the event out faster.

With ongoing coaching, encouragement and a little tough love, we’ll help you find the one for you.

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