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'She added to her more than 22,000 followers: 'This kid is going to be spoilt rotten. 'Morgan - who Lisa shares with her Ironman ex, Grant Kenny, 54, married her husband Ryan Gruell in May last year.

The high school sweethearts tied the knot in a beach wedding in Noosa, Queensland.

Lisa's eyes raised in surprise as he announced the lovers would get married 'later on in the year maybe.' The Olympian shook her head and whispered 'no,' leaving her fiance to awkwardly backtrack.'Oh sorry, I forgot, we're on national TV!

Lisa recently attended Sylvia and Peter's very lavish ceremony at the exclusive Ooralba Estate in the Kangaroo Valley in April.

She can also be used instead of it for things to which feminine gender is conventionally attributed: a ship or boat (especially in colloquial and dialect use), often said of a carriage, a cannon or gun, a tool or utensil of any kind, and occasionally of other things.

After sporting a band on her ring finger, Lisa was forced to deny the speculation on The Morning Show.'It's a ring that my three kids gave me and it's really special to me,' she revealed.

While convinced fans didn't get the answer they were hoping for, future-hubby Mark, 50, did let one piece of information slip.

Lisa Loeb is beautiful, talented, famous, and single. They spend an entire season walking around New York in an attempt to find someone who can actually put up with her for more than a few minutes.