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This family is distributed worldwide and includes 147 species in 41 genera.Egyptian geese live throughout much of Africa, mostly south of the Sahara and in the Nile Valley. In the wild: unlike some species of waterfowl, they do not filter their food.

Pairs nest alone in a variety of habitats, including dense vegetation on the ground, tree holes, or vacated nests previously used by other birds.

Their nests are made out of a variety of plant matter that is softened by a lining of down feathers. The female incubates five to 12 yellowish-white eggs for approximately 28-30 days.

They will also scavenge on a wide range of organic waste, including rotting fruit, vegetables and even excrement, and will sometimes prey on small animals, particularly those weak or injured, such as rabbits, chicks, spawning or dying fish, and some insects.

The Egyptian vulture also consumes eggs and will throw stones at them to break open the shell – an incredible and rare example of tool-use in birds.

Each day, they can travel up to 80 kilometres in search of food.

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