Bradley cooper dating j lo

Why would you wear wheat Timbs — the official shoe of the Bronx, per Desus and Mero — in 77-degree weather, if not to prove to the queen of the borough that you can keep up?

Either way, I will bet my life on the occurrence of the following chain of events: that after leaving this meeting at 9 West 57th St.

looking like the Maddest Man and Sexiest Carmen San Diego, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez trekked half a mile to 240 Central Park South.

Cooper, 37, and Lopez, 42, met up Saturday night at New York City’s fancy Per Se.

And while the couple might have chosen a less high-profile locale if they were thinking of linking up romantically, sources reported the dinner date was actually less of a “date”- the two reportedly hooked up to discuss a project.

And then this from , delivered on March 8, 2017, as if one of Cupid’s arrows: “Call them J-Rod! But the proof was incontrovertible: also reported that Lopez liked one of A-Rod’s Instagram posts, and that Rodriguez had been “blown away” by Lopez’s one-woman revue in Las Vegas, which he saw “with his friends.” By March 11 — three brief days after this couple forced New York’s most august gossip institution to ponder portmanteau — things had gotten serious. The following morning, Lopez was flush with the kind of romantic feeling you get only from having spent the weekend at Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club, which provides an “unforgettable Bahamian experience.” So she decided to let the world know via Instagram, the intimate social media network where she has 62.1 million followers.

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