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I did not go to California rapper Kyle’s concert June 11 at Terminal West in downtown Atlanta. Sand replaced the venue’s hardwood floors and the stage was an island, adorned with tropical props, including two palm trees and cartoon foamy waves, surrounded by a sea of eager “beachgoers.” Kyle’s “King Wavy” tour marks his first as a headliner.

The blue stage lights flashed lazily four times before darkness and silence engulfed the venue.

He made sure we received the most out of him and that he received just as much from us. With the crowd fired up, Kyle did something I never thought I would see in person.

Super Duper Brick’s antics included releasing a beach ball onto the crowd, bringing up to the stage Atlanta-based producer Denzel Meechie and bringing out a Super Soaker, spraying the crowd. He leapt from stage right into the arms of his fans.

Security instructed for everyone to follow Kyle outside, where we formed a straight line. Because of the rain, Super Duper Maxx walked down the length of the line and offered to replace any ruined posters.