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Not as extreme as in the Bravo show - but self-abnegating we are not. He bumped it up to a 5-series, and everyone was happy.

One of my southern California Iranian friends, who did his medical training in Harvard, went back to Orange County and arrived in his VW Jetta. Of course, we can attribute it to California, southern California to be precise, but there's something about Iranians in the West that predisposes to this kind of thinking.

It is also unclear if the security hole was disclosed to

The cache of emails leaked from Biderman runs from January 2012 to 7 July 2015, less than two weeks before the attackers announced their hacking of the infidelity website on 19 July.

Bravo's the Shahs of Sunset has set off some predictable replies among the Iranian community. The Italian-American community is not like the Real Housewives of New Jersey.