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That was huge and no one knew about that," said the 56-year-old drummer, who dated a married Santana when she was 18. said Santana, who was 36 at the time, was her first love, calling it "a wonderful romance."Exclusive Video Premiere: Sheila E.'s 'Lovely Day'"The Beat of My Own Drum," the musician's memoir released through Simon & Schuster's Atria Books earlier this month, features stories that range from working with Marvin Gaye, Ringo Starr and Lionel Richie to being raped at age 5.

"I thought people would be talking about that, and it's more about, `She was engaged to Prince! Dating Prince and Santana made her realize she had a thing for guys with guitars, she said.

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The Brittana fandom is somewhat well known for it's work in making the ship the first femslash couple ever willed into canon by the activism of fans.

io9 wrote about Brittana's effect on femslash and fandom in general: In 2009 femslash exploded rapidly. The cry for representation wasn’t new, but Glee fans had, at the time, unprecedented access to the creators of their show.

Their call for expanded LBGTQ representation carried with it not just fans’ desire to see fictional people get together, but sincere social activism.

As of March 2013, there are nearly 7,000 Brittana fanfics on only.

A key reason, besides young fans’ ability to bombard the Glee cast and crew with tweets, was that they had a very noble cause beyond wanting to see some genital grinding.