Stories dating in diapers married dating in locust north carolina

Would this be a deal breaker or would you still consider dating him?

And how early on would you want to know this information?

if he would need me as a caregiver, it might create a situation where he wouldn't feel like my equal partner, in which case it would become an issue. Is this not a similar question to dating someone who needs a wheelchair to get around? Are such people destined to become single for the rest of their lives because prospective partners cannot see beyond the device need to make a sufferers life easier? Anyone of the above posters with adverse comments care to challenge me on this?

Just to clarify, someone brought up uncontrolable bowels, but that is not the case in this post, it is strictly bladder control, no messes.

The diapers are worn every night and on the rare occasion that they are worn during the day is usually precautionary.

Also, I think the age and lifestyle of the woman has to be taken into account.

An active 35 year old would view this quite differently than a 57 year old woman.

I spent three years in home health care and left because I hate changing adult diapers! Not dating someone because their eyes are green instead of blue is shallow.