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That the findings set out in the preamble to this ordinance are hereby in all things approved. That Chapter 4 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Kilgore, Texas is hereby repealed in its entirety. That there is hereby added a new Chapter 4 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Kilgore, Texas, to read as follows: Sec. Definitions When used in this ordinance, the following words or terms, unless the context indicates otherwise, shall be interpreted as meaning: The department of the City of Kilgore designated by the City Manager to administer and/or enforce the provisions of this article and any person or persons designated by such department to represent the department for said purposes.A person designated by the City of Kilgore as the primary enforcement officer regulating animals and owners of animals and for the enforcement of State laws and regulations pertaining to the care and control of animals, or his or her designee A circus, carnival, or event owning or maintaining animals for purposes of displaying or performing in exhibitions of temporary duration not to exceed thirty (30) days, where attendance of the general public is solicited, operating under a contract, lease, special event permit, or otherwise approved by the City A commercial variety show featuring animal acts for public entertainment that is licensed under the federal Animal Welfare Act or licensed by the Texas Board of Health according to provisions of Chapter 824 of the Texas Health and Safety Code and its successors Any heavy bodied, terrestrial bird of the order galliformes, including but not limited to, chickens, ducks, geese, pheasants, turkeys, grouse, guineas, or other common domestic fowl, but not including caged birds kept inside a building An establishment designed or used for the commercial boarding, selling, breeding, or training of animals; occasional sales of registered animals kept primarily as pets or show animals and not primarily for breeding purposes shall not constitute commercial activity for purposes of this definition Those with a low probability of transmitting rabies: they include all animals of the orders Marsupialia (opossums, etc.), Insectavora (shrews, moles, etc), Rodentia (mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.), Lagomorpha (rabbits, hares, etc.), Xenarthra (armadillos, anteaters, etc.) Any person, corporation, partnership, trust or association or other entity owning, keeping, or harboring an animal or who has possession or control or who has the responsibility to control an animal other than a person who temporarily restrains an animal pursuant to this ordinance.

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In the event of loss or destruction of the original tag, a duplicate tag shall be obtained from the issuing veterinarian. The report must include the name and address of the victim and the animal’s owner, if known; and any other information that may help in locating the victim or animal. Refusal to submit said animal constitutes a violation of law and each day of such refusal shall constitute a separate and individual violation.

(d) Proof of Vaccination; It shall be unlawful for any person who owns or harbors a vaccinated animal to fail or refuse to exhibit the certificate of vaccination upon request of any person authorized to enforce this ordinance. In the event the owner refuses or fails to quarantine the animal, the Local Rabies Control Authority may obtain a warrant to seize and impound the animal according to the provisions of State law and this ordinance.

Strict confinement under restraint by closed cage or on the premises of the owner in any other manner approved by the Local Rabies Control Authority or designee or at a facility approved by the Local rabies Control Authority or designee. The duties of this authority shall include but are not limited to: 1.

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