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Before he turned 10, he was able to set high scores on the local at the nearby pizza shop on a single quarter. "He just asked me to come at the beginning or end of the day so other people got a chance to play." Pressured by their two boys, the Johnson family finally procured a Nintendo Entertainment System for the home, introducing Triforce to his destiny with classics like , the game from which his taken name originates.

(The Triforce is the precious set of triangular metals that the hero Link needs to defeat the evil Ganondorf.) As a gamer, Triforce was beginning to divide his time into two parts.

"Everyone thinks I'm going to actually live on the block. That doesn't happen." Triforce maintains that the following additional rules are official, and they probably are, in the sense that someone with authority is unlikely to bother refuting them. To maintain his spot at the front of the line, Triforce must be in front of the Nintendo Store from before it opens until after it closes.

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This is Johnson's eighth time waiting at the front of a line, and at the age of 35, it will be his last.

I meet Triforce the day before Hurricane Sandy pulverizes the Eastern Seaboard, and three weeks before Wii U's launch.

His incessant enthusiasm affords him a certain glow. For anyone, really, who makes a habit of standing outside for long periods of time.

The first thing Triforce does when I arrive is fish his passport from a Nintendo brand messenger bag, flipping the little booklet open like a police badge.

Before Triforce was Triforce, he was simply Isaiah Johnson. "First, this guy came to me and said that I was really good," Triforce remembers, "and then my father, he said I was a real brainiac. I think that compliment made me want to play more games.