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Working together to assemble banana pudding — one person lining the pan with the vanilla wafers while the other thinly slices the bananas — is a swell way to sweeten each other up.Cost: 5 for two hours, plus the cost of ingredients. Don’t restrict your date to only food-loving activities.

Attention, Atlantans: You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to spend time with the one you love. We’ve curated five separate itineraries for couples perfectly attuned to their needs or wants.

As a matter of fact, sparks should fly every day when you’re with your sweetheart. Those who like being one with nature will like our outdoorsy setup, those who savor fine dining will go the foodie route, and so on.

Sign up for a private aerial silks class with Persephone Phoenix at Play Hard Gym.

The hour-long session is not only fun, it also helps to strengthen your core plus empowering your relationship.

The best time to go is spring when the dogwoods are in bloom.