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Yeah, this idea that people aren't who we think they are when we meet them, and there's actually a lot more to them than we could ever imagine, and what's attractive about that? And she goes, ' Yeah, I'll go along, I'll be your projection,' you know? I think she's really trying to show that things can be exciting, to help a stranger, to have him go with his instincts. But what Louie does is give breadth to characters that he feels are real and funny and sad. You meet someone and you're like, "Oh my god, this guy's together on the outside,” and then on the inside, you know, is a haunted house. You mentioned some of this character was based on a person Louis knew. It feels like Hal Ashby and “Harold and Maude” to me, the tone and what happens when people take each other by surprise, what that connection is and how it happens.

Perhaps Parker can finally make him happy, if indeed OK!

No verification nor denial just yet from both stars regarding the dating report. Magazine as saying to have seen Reeves and Posey "were sharing a seat and sitting very, very close.

You don't really know how a person's going to affect you. I think guys can think, how do I learn to dominate someone who is hot? But women are different and her attraction to Louie isn't just to what he looks like, it's that he's funny and that's what's attractive. He’s too wrapped up in his own insecurities to really look at her.

When you were reading the script, did you know your arc, or were you surprised at how sad the character became? He was explaining it to me just as stories that he'd heard from his own life about this girl who was sick. So it just ends very close to this very real, really dark thing. But then the way that he's being funny is — he doesn't see her at all!

Reeves, arguably famous for playing Neo in the action film trilogy "The Matrix", was spotted sharing a seat with Posey at Los Angeles' Chateau Marmont Hotel back on February 25.