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If you want to have children, you’ll have to consider whether fertility will be an issue and whether you or your partner will be around long enough to help raise your kids.

Age differences can also mean significant differences in lifestyle.

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Having failed at every relationship I've ever been in, I certainly don’t know the key to having a successful one.

Some who date only much older people may be seeking a parental figure more than a romantic partner.

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    Her words to live by: "Be able to make fun of yourself," she says.

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    Even the land line portable set on my desk, outmoded and shrieking, has a time component both on the screen and in the throaty voicemail lady. Without your permission, time moves us into the future with no regard for what it might be dragging along in its wake. Individuals have characteristic mechanisms for coping with disharmony, dissatisfaction, disappointment, disconnection and all the other dis words (Latin prefix ).) Some folks deny the pain; some folks operate from a magical belief system that it will go away – just sprinkle some fairy dust or kick your heels twice.

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    He has control over the whole West Midlands combined authority area and works with existing city leaders to take forward their strategic plan.

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    There is a happy ending, but not until after the gang takes a ride inside a truck full of cement, burns down an apartment building and runs around, first almost naked and then disguised as women, in the snow.