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Similar to his psychological assessment, published evidences of a neurobiological trauma or head injury were absent.

However, one may add the possibility of brain trauma or brain tumor as an underlying or aggravating factors for his mental health issue.

There were also other indicators of the gunman’s psychological disturbance, including a “bizarre - guttural, freakish” personal voicemail message (BBC, 2013).

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Considering that Holmes exhibited substantial signs and symptoms indicative of mental illness, prompt diagnosis and treatment might have prevented the fatal Aurora shooting; true to the goals of a positivist psychology, it is also best to manage Holmes through a treatment in a mental health facility, rather than a criminal punishment.

Before examining how a psychological diagnosis and treatment might have prevented Holmes’ criminal act, it would be imperative to briefly discuss a specific sub-theory of the positivist psychology: the trait theory.

Thus, feelings of social rejection also add another angle to Holmes’ criminal behavior.

Experts also found a link between Holmes’ fondness for video games, relative to the popular vigilante figure- Batman, and aggression.

[and] in his obvious desperation Holmes anticipated his suspension [from the University of Colorado]. In his state, he must have realized that he would probably no longer be a top performer.