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He's also the host of his own cooking show on Zee TV, called Vahrehvah.

His TV cooking show gets the channel the highest ratings it’s had in the category in eight years. He also won the prestigious gold medal in the "All India Competition for Culinary Arts".

Port engine flame-out and, on long final, lost the starboard engine forcing a landing in a flat, smooth field about 400 yards short of runway 5. Information and five photos from Jim Strickl After 5 landing passes, A/C diverted to Rome due to bingo state but A/C could not be "cleaned up." Aircraft returned for 3 more passes. Comprressor stall in a thunderstorm caused the A3 to crash. A/C crashed 4 miles ahead of CVANormal flight from Kirtland AFB. Witness heard A/C at high power & at a lower than normal altitude. At the 90 the starboard engine fuel flow & RPM dropped to idle. Insufficient fuel resulted in a controlled bailout ~ 150 NM from Kadena AFB. On GCA to NAS Cubi Point, A/C was too far left of centerline of the runway and was waived off.

After 8th pass A/C was diverted but crew bail out over land. VAH 1 CO recommended ejection seats be installed in A3s. A/C entered the water in steep descent 400 yds N of the ferry dock, Anacortes.

He moved back to India in 2008 with his family and launched his own website