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“It’s possible to start an online shop without any previous e-commerce or buying experience, but you’ll be years ahead if you put in the time at an established company first,” she says.

However, it’s still possible to start slowly, if you’re simply bored by your full-time job but unable to quit just yet or if you’re busy managing other side projects.

As a business, online boutiques require careful thought and planning, whether they grow slowly or become established right away.

As for Williams, Lisa Says Gah has always been about quality over quantity.

“It’s not about pushing trends or fast fashion,” she says.

“I couldn’t afford an office space so I stored some inventory, like the accessories, in my stove,” she says.

After quitting her office job, she moved to Chicago to cut down on living (and office space) expenses.

Once her shop started taking off, she quit her job and placed full focus on her growing business.2.