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“You could tell by then if they were relevant.”Since working at the Wall Street Journal, Lawton has moved to public relations as the senior communications manager and head of communications of North America at HERE.The experience of being both the recipient and now the sender of pitches has given him perspective. I usually start them by introducing myself, and I tend to keep it very short and reference something that I saw that they wrote and try to expand on it in a way that they didn’t do in their first article.”Ken Miguel, the special projects producer of ABC 7 News in San Francisco, says PR people need to remember that journalists are focused on reporting new stories, so beginning a pitch with “XYZ has been in the news lately” is likely to get rejected.Since one of the traits is "reporters have a great 'b.s.

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“If it’s in my area I generally know what’s going on. I look for the meaning and tone.”Christopher Lawton, a former reporter for the Wall Street Journal, echoed Gage’s sentiments.

“I really didn’t go that far beyond the first paragraph,” he said.

The how-to advice for would-be stories read a lot like these step-by-step manuals for would-be lovers.