Twitterfox not updating validating information on web sites

People like to argue that you don’t have to tweet in order to get value from Twitter and I agree with that.

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He wants anyone watching the Super Bowl, for example, to use Twitter as the connective tissue to chat with others watching the Super Bowl.

Twitter already houses a lot of these discussions, but here’s something ironic.

(This includes one super-popular tweet that got lots of views thanks to a retweet from an NFL player with a big following.) In other words, my tweets only reached an audience about 30 percent the size of my follower base.

Yes, this also happens on Facebook, but at least you like people see your content thanks to “Likes” and comments. It’s adding an algorithm to its feed to help you find tweets that you might otherwise miss, and it’s doing away with some of its wonky rules around conversations that make it hard to connect with others.

It’s trying to curb harassment and bullying, a chronic problem that has made many of its users feel unwelcome over the years.