Verifying and validating requirements

MITRE SE Roles and Expectations: The MITRE systems engineer (SE) is expected to have a sound knowledge of the system being modeled and the software process for developing the model in order to provide effective technical guidance in the design and execution of plans to verify and/or validate a model, or to provide specialized technical expertise in the collection and analysis of varying types of data required to do so.

A MITRE SE is expected to be able to work directly with the developer of the system and the simulation model to provide technical insight into model verification and validation.

To be clear, “function” needs to be addressed prior to “form” in the BRD.

This article provides a checklist of best practices on verifying documented requirements – essentially the “function” of the BRD.

Perhaps that is why it is called “work.” Keep in mind that 40-60 percent of the errors in testing can be traced back to a poorly documented BRD (3). Mark is the President of Monteleone Consulting, LLC.