Validating system

Validation checks are triggered automatically whenever the status of the application or component is updated by an ASSIST user; however, validation checks can also be run manually if chosen.

validating system-81

“Unlike other machine verification systems available today, we specialise in reading and verifying all types of printed codes with the highest levels of accuracy, integrity and speed” said Martin Keats, Managing Director, Lake Image Systems.

“Working together with other partners involved in this project, we are happy to be able to offer Arcon an inspection system that fully meets the requirements for one of their key customers.” See Video of the solutions at Arcon Rotech For further details on Discovery Multiscan, Camera Systems & Lottery Ticket verification For further details on Arcon Bulgaria Ltd.

Assuring the quality of an expert system is critical.

A poor quality system may make costly errors resulting in considerable damage to the user or owner of the system, such as financial loss or human suffering.

To validate the entire application, a user must have the Entire Application Editor - All (both Budget and Non-Budget) Access level.

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