Livesixvideo - Vba excel screenupdating false not working

Word does not need to display itself in order to run.In the above code, you could omit the lines that create and use the Word. Slicer Caches("Slicer_Jahr1") Set sc3 = This Workbook.

Application object and replace them with invisibility lines: Notice that you want to put the Word. Visible = True line in an error-handler or in a spot where you know it will be run if something goes awry. (If you do get stuck with an invisible Word in the middle of a crash, you can launch the Task Manager and kill the WINWORD.

EXE process.) How much of a difference does invisibility make?

I tried to look for a solution and already attempted to fix the issue by calling the following subs at the beginning and at the end of the primary and secondary subs as well: Public Sub TU_Start() Application. Slicer Caches("Slicer_Sol Name1") Set sc5 = This Workbook.

It worked fine until I added a secondary subroutine into the code. Slicer Caches("Slicer_Sol Name") Set sc4 = This Workbook.

Selected Next si7 On Error Go To 0 clean_up: Application. Screen Updating = True 'Exit Sub err_handle: Msg Box Err.