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I just knew that I had to change everything.” Poitras remained wary of whoever it was she was communicating with. Greenwald does most of his work on a shaded porch, usually dressed in a T-shirt, surfer shorts and flip-flops. articles for The Guardian, all while pleading with his dogs to stay quiet.She worried especially that a government agent might be trying to trick her into disclosing information about the people she interviewed for her documentary, including Julian Assange, the editor of Wiki Leaks. “I said either you have this information and you are taking huge risks or you are trying to entrap me and the people I know, or you’re crazy.” The answers were reassuring but not definitive. Over the four days I spent there, he was in perpetual motion, speaking on the phone in Portuguese and English, rushing out the door to be interviewed in the city below, answering calls and e-mails from people seeking information about Snowden, tweeting to his 225,000 followers (and conducting intense arguments with a number of them), then sitting down to write more N. During one especially fever-pitched moment, he hollered, “Shut up, everyone,” but they didn’t seem to care.Poitras did not know the stranger’s name, sex, age or employer (C. Amid the chaos, Poitras, an intense-looking woman of 49, sat in a spare bedroom or at the table in the living room, working in concentrated silence in front of her multiple computers.

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Two reporters for The Guardian were in town to assist Greenwald, so some of our time was spent in the hotel where they were staying along Copacabana Beach, the toned Brazilians playing volleyball in the sand below lending the whole thing an added layer of surreality.

Poitras has shared the byline on some of Greenwald’s articles, but for the most part she has preferred to stay in the background, letting him do the writing and talking.

Dual party consent means just what it sounds like, both parties have to know about and consent to the recording.

Consent is assumed if an announcement is made at the start of the call and both parties stay on the call.

That is how so many customer service departments are able to record the calls, and that is exactly why the announcement is made.