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The first bread cooked shall be given to the mother of boy or girl. The patry is made in sisterhood, shakhy is decorated. Sheep is cut under the feet of the bride as sacrifice. Then she gave bride a valuable gift and says that she is dearest member of this family. Two - three months after the wedding girl\'s house informs the home of boy that we com on that day to see the bride. Mother of girl takes some close relatives and visit mother of boy. At the end the girl\'s mother present gifts that she brought for bride and groom.It is said that Let your table be productive, the bread hot. The sheep’s blood is marked on bride\'s forehead, and in dress to make her hot-tempered, to be quickly accustomed to home of husband. The mirror is in the hands of wife of another brother. 10 - 15 days after the wedding the mother in law prepares the table. Mother of the boy gives to son and his wife the gift. After one - two days her husband comes and takes her away.Three days before the wedding day the selected women and girls - brides gather and come to the house of a boy or a girl for bread cooking. When the bride reaches home of husband a dish is put under the feet of bride, she breaks it and passes in.

The left and right hand assistants have in hand a glass with rice and candle. After ayaqachdı bride an groom visit this home whenever they desire.

After the ayaqachdı (1st visit) both from the boy’s side and from girl’s side the closest relatives invite bride and groom to guest. After inviting guest the bride and groom visit their home.

When the guest is called the new married are gifted with present.

In general, wherever bride and groom” visit for the first time, they are presented with gift.

Mother gives namar to brother of bride fro offloading of dowry. When girls are in henna making the guys dance and enjoy. It is important to enter the marriage by bride and groom at day of wedding.