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GIMME ALL YOUR NEW ADULT AND ADULT ROMANCES RIGHT NAOOOOOOOO! If you’re unsure if your book is something I’d like, please swing by and chat.*ahem* What I mean to say is, I’m seeking adult and/or new adult romances of the contemporary, paranormal or suspense variety. And because there are always extenuating circumstances, feel free to clarify with me on Twitter. I love tropes done well–brother’s best friend/best friend’s brother, marriage of convenience, enemies to lovers, BFFs to lovers, second chance romances, and on and on and on. I love purple prose as much as the next guy, but it can’t overwhelm your manuscript. I’m always available to answer (vague) questions regarding if your book would be a good fit for me, so hit me up!

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If you want my super official bio, that baby is plastered on my website, as well on the back of my books and all over Amazon, Goodreads, etcetera. I think the unofficial one no one would let me put on my books is better: Aficionado of smut, tiaras, and tutus, Brighton Walsh has spent her last *coughmumble* years searching for the perfect dessert, finding any excuse to wear a dress, and swearing as much as humanly possible while not around her children.

Fortunately, she can now make her characters do the latter for her, in sometimes extremely satisfying ways.

I’ve been beta’ing and critique-partnering (yeah, I just made up a verb) for nearly eight years, for both agented and unagented, published and unpublished writers, not to mention the hundreds upon hundreds of romance novels I’ve read (staying current with the trends…this job is super rough, you guys).

What I’m saying is, I love romance and I know what makes one good.

Her Pitch Wars novel also garnered her a Golden Heart nomination (RITAs are the Oscars for published romance novels and the Golden Heart award is for their unpublished counterparts).