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On Tinder, Jake, 29, 2.3 miles away, let me know that he was 6’2”, free tonight, down to fuck, and an ENTJ. Within that group, the majority are men, who tend to be INTJ.For women who post their type, the most common is INFJ.“TBH [this man and his letter sequences] I just don’t think we have a ton in common,” he texted.

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It seems like a small percentage, but OKCupid’s data-crunchers assure me that it’s actually significant to have something new trending across so many profiles. Post-rejection, his identification with the antisocial Unabomber began to explain some things. If we’d continued on because we were sexually attracted to one another and both loved David Byrne, our relationship probably wouldn’t have lasted — and not just because he’s the kind of person who would break things off based on a quiz you can take for free on the internet, and I am not.

It’s become enough of a “thing” that people have parody answers on their profile (e.g., MBTI: IDGAF). He’s emotionally reserved while I’m full of emotion. Dating today seeks to streamline a deeply emotional process.

We both enjoyed bike riding (admittedly, not a shocker in Brooklyn), were united in our distaste for veggies, and shared a love of junk food that would rival that of any teenager.

The evening had entered phase “banter foreplay” when out of nowhere he asked, “So, what’s your Myers-Briggs personality type?

When mother-daughter team Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers started expanding Carl Jung’s personality theories to create an identity typology in 1926, they saw it as a way to help people find happiness through a better understanding of themselves and their preferences.