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You can share your referral code with your friends and you will receive a lifetime 10% bonus of their completed offers.

The bonus can be claimed in the Rewards section of the website.

Based on your location, you are served periodical offers ranging from simple things like filling out a survey or installing an app, to more complicated operations like playing a game or creating third party website accounts.

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You can also claim a 100 credits daily reward (every 24 hours) as long as you complete an offer worth at least 100 credits from one of our providers.

You can enable browser notifications in order to stay up to date on Skin Silo giveaways and news.

Keep in mind that you won’t receive any bonus credits if your profile is not shown on the Leaderboard.

You can use the chat only if you have completed at least one previous offer from our providers.

Do NOT use third party/VPN software/smartphone emulators to fake your location in order to game the system.