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If you BD before Oing (2 days), then by the time you O, the only spermies left will be the girl ones(sperm can reside in the body for up to 5 days), and they will be the ones getting to the egg.

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We followed all the advise; positions; orgasams; diet; timing being the most important factor of all; and last February we had a lovely and amazing little baby girl! Boy sperms swim faster,but don't last as long as girl spermies (which are slower, but live longer).

He states that if you have sex the day of ovulation you are more likely (80 to 85%) to have a boy and if you have sex 2 to 4 days before ovulation you are more likely (70 to75%) to have a girl.

Tiny buds are growing from the side of his body which will become his arms and legs.

During the whole length of pregnancy you should have at least 4 antenatal checkups (ANC checkups).

There is also a hint of a face with nostrils and eyelids.