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Expect fresh fish and food cooked with traditional spices and plenty of coconut. This was my fourth trip to the island, and my second time on this trip and I was looking forward to a little bit of luxury after camping for the last week.Zanzibar is the perfect place to unwind after a Serengeti safari or a trek up Kilimanjaro – whether you want to eat, sleep, lay on a beach or party, I’m sure you’ll find something to float your boat (or should I saw ‘wow your dhow’). We only had 2 days to explore which Matt thought was enough and was ready to hit the beaches after walking around in the heat. Knowing what I know now, here’s my advice on things to do in Stone Town when you only have a couple of days to explore, including what I did and what I might have done differently.The other part of Zanzibar City is called Ng’ambo which literally means ‘the other side’ and the two are divided by Creek Road. The word Zanzibar is said to have both Persian and Arabic origins – from the Persian “Zangh Bar” loosely translating as “land of the black people”, or from Arabic “Zayn Z’al Barr” which means ‘Fair is this land”.

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We did buy the CD and I can assure you that it is NOT the best of African songs but it does have the Jambo Jambo song on so it wasn’t a complete waste of money.

Top Tip: Lots of people will approach you to sell you this CD and also packs of spices.

We took the 9.30am Azam Marine ferry from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar arriving in Stone Town at 11.30 Once we got through the madness that is the ferry terminal we grabbed a taxi to our hotel paying $5.

Our hotel wasn’t far, so we could have walked it however we didn’t have a clue where we were going.

I awake to the sound of the call to prayer from the nearby mosque. The Zanzibar Archipelago lies in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Tanzania.