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He kissed the side of her neck and cradled her chin. As he chuckled, she realized she no longer dominated the room, her confidence transferring to him. She oozed all over his cock, making the ride slippery. Her mind told her to go one way, but her body jerked another. She uncontrollably lurched off his cock and smacked the headboard.

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He gestured his head to a golden-haired woman in the lobby chatting up a circle of friends. I just found out a few days ago." "When are you gonna tell them? But, I wanted to let-loose first." Batman looked back to Ariana. The room appeared empty of bodies but dressed with furniture: sturdy armoire, quorum windmill fan, and king-sized bed with satin canopy drapes. Her hand slid down his side and to the costume's rubber crotch. The once charming Batman was suddenly at a lost for words. She spread her knees, inviting him for a closer look. She thrust her hips up and tossed her left leg over his shoulder.

But, well, like I said, I can relate to what you're going through." Batman reached for her hand, brushed his thumb over her knuckles. She's been fuckin' my buddy, Jason, for the last year. "Not a chance." "If you say so." Ariana peered up to him with innocent, puppy-like eyes. She leaned-in and planted a soft kiss against his lips. She rubbed her soft soles up and down his length, tickled his balls with her toes.

At the stainless steel sink, he wadded a paper towel, soaked it in cold water, and dabbed her forehead. But for years, I've been using it as my party palace. Someone sounds spoiled." Batman shrugged and redirected the topic.

The white counter tops and cabinets gleamed under the ceiling lights. She felt spellbound as though Batman's baby-blue's performed hocus-pocus on her. "Well, my friend Laurie—the driver and former bestie—Ugh! " "Sleeping with my fuckin' boyfriend behind my back." Ariana crossed her arms, pouted.

I lost myself for a moment in this beautiful place." Batman nodded, waiting. " "I kinda caused it." Ariana looked to the tile floor. " Batman gently pinched her small chin, raised her remorseful eyes. Nobody's for miles." "Tell me about it." "Do they know what direction you went?