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The report that follows looks at teens’ basic definition of writing, explores the various kinds of writing they do, seeks their assessment about what impact e-communication has on their writing, and probes for their guidance about how writing instruction might be improved. Most teenagers spend a considerable amount of their life composing texts, but they do not think that a lot of the material they create electronically is real writing.

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Having teachers or other adults who challenge them, present them with interesting curricula and give them detailed feedback also serves as a motivator for teens.

Teens also report writing for an audience motivates them to write and write well.

94% of teens use the internet at least occasionally to do research for school, and nearly half (48%) report doing so once a week or more often.

For more information, please visit Part 3: Teens and Their Writing Habits on page 10 in the main report.

For more on this topic please see Part 7: The Way Teens See Their Writing and What Would Improve It starting on page 42.