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In 1866 he won what has been described as the world’s first ski jumping competition with prizes, held at Ofte, Høydalsmo, Norway.

After World War I, Thulin Thams and Sigmund Ruud developed a new jumping style known as the Kongsberger Technique.

In the mid-1950s, Swiss jumper Andreas Daescher became the first jumper to hold the arms backwards close to the body with a more extreme forward lean.

Usually that sequence takes a minimum of three years’ training.

Despite his ambition and optimism, he got no assistance from the British Ski Federation and it’s the way Eddie overcomes this which gives the film its emotional heart as well as its greatest comic moments.‘The federation told me they had no money and I took them at their word.

“There are so many interesting places and interesting things – both man-made and natural – that are off limits all the time,” he says.

To that point, he adds that it’s an exciting challenge and that hosting a race on this course opens the door to similar events that want to allow people to better explore cordoned off zones.

’The world’s federations moved to close the loophole that allowed wildcards like Eddie to qualify for the Olympics, codifying strict performance criterion.