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When asked whether or not dating is hard in the public eye, she said, "It's easy and it's difficult, too. She recalled a guy who played games with her and it was so not cool. This guy just treated me really poorly, and was playing games the whole time." Yikes.But it's kind of nice because if you find somebody attractive, you can just hit them up or, like, slide into their DMs [direct messages] and be like, 'Hey, what's going on? The only positive thing about the situation is that she wrote a song about the experience. It's safe to say that it wasn't Luke or 'Bomba' because she dated them for quite some time. DL: Umm, yeah he is my best friend and he is incredible…

report that Ashton cheated on Demi with a woman named Sara Leal in San Diego.

Looking back, Rumer says she didn't feel any skepticism about the relationship despite plenty of naysayers given the former couple's age difference.

“I’m not confirming, and I’m definitely not denying,” she said.

“All of my songs are based off of personal experiences,” she added.

Even though she IS Demi Lovato, she's still a person. It's even harder to go up to them when you're all sweaty at the gym, even if you have full level confidence.