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He took the audio files and created what’s called a chatbot, which uses artificial intelligence to respond to programmed queues in specific ways.

Vlahos used a chatbot platform called Pullstring, as in the cord on a talking toy, to organize the audio files into an organized archive of expressions and mannerism that resemble his father’s personality.

Web Sites where the user can create their own Chat Bot for Free or for a fee.

Yahoo has also launched a new chatbot called Captain which helps friends and family organise their group tasks and things to do.'With Captain, you can make plans with your favourite people without overloading them with tons of notifications and long, unorganised lists of requests and questions', said Conrad Wai, VP of product management at Yahoo, in a blog post.'This bot will help users simplify group coordination, which can get harder the larger the group and longer the thread.

This experience makes that interaction seamless.' These new Facebook bots will provide real-time updates on a range of subjects - including news, sports and even deliveries ordered online.

They can carry out automated one to one tasks, including customer service.

The new chatbots being launched by Facebook Messenger are instead aimed at group interaction.

The chatbot, launched by dating service Match.com, asks people for personal details such as their age, where they live and their sexual orientation in a casual way- all in Facebook Messenger.