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A new website called Miss Travel claims to help women fly around in the world in style, all funded by high-powered men who have everything in their lives except a committed relationship.

They either pay for your flights or gift you some of the gazillions of air miles they’ve racked up while making their fortunes.

Men and women are also asked to enter their income and net worth with the option to ‘rather not say.’The first thing I notice is that there are lots of British women using Miss Travel, most of them in their 20s and 30s.

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Again, Brian isn’t forking out for any free flights, although he does say I can stay at his retreat ‘for a bit for free’.

Although the site does advise women to always meet men in their own home city before travelling anywhere, it also admits it does absolutely nothing to vet their backgrounds.

Then I discover something that makes me even more concerned for women who, unlike me, are using the site for real.

Research reveals that the man behind Miss Travel is one Brandon Wade, a highly-controversial internet entrepreneur who’s built a multi-million-pound global empire with a string of so-called Sugar Daddy websites which aim to connect rich men with beautiful young women. How, you wonder, would Mr Wade, 41, a graduate of America’s prestigious MIT business school, feel if — as could so easily happen — one of his ‘attractive travellers’ is attacked, or worse, by a ‘generous traveller’? You’ll have a much better chance of meeting a decent man, you won’t be lining Mr Wade’s sleazy pockets — and you’ll be infinitely safer.

The Miss Travel home page looks harmless enough with Fifties-style drawings of glamorous men and women evoking TV’s Mad Men.