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10) Once this is done, the device may be removed by clicking the eject arrow next to it in the left menu. New calendar events created on the i OS device should now be stored in the Exchange calendar by default.To assure that new contacts that are created on the device are stored in the Exchange address book, check the default setting for the device. Scroll to the Contacts section and check the “Default Account” setting.Every now and then I get a call from an i OS user that has unknowingly discovered a common issue while using their i Phone/i Pad.

The i Tunes will begin to synchronize the data and notify you when it is complete in the top window. 17) Choose to export to “Personal Folder File (.pst)”. 18) Select the appropriate folder type that needs to be exported and choose the “include subfolders” option, if needed. 19) Then choose a path and file name for the PST file to be stored under. If the entire data folder needs to be imported, highlight “Personal Folders”.

14) Once this is done, the device may be removed by clicking the eject arrow next to it in the left menu. Make sure the option “Import items into the same folder in Mailbox – *user’s name*” is selected. 10) The data will be imported into the user’s Exchange profile.

The item details cannot be modified to directly transfer the item to Exchange from the device. It requires exporting the local data to Outlook via i Tunes and then importing back into the Exchange account with the Outlook PST file. For the calendar, go to the calendar app and click the “calendars” button in the top left corner. 2) Go to the profiles section and choose to create a new profile by clicking the Add button. 4) Outlook will then try to configure an e-mail account for the profile. 5) A prompt will come up and ask if you want to create a profile with no e-mail accounts. 12) Highlight the device in the left hand menu and then choose the “Info” heading in the top menu.

You will then see a screen similar to this: If there is a section called “From MY PC”, then there are local calendar items stored on the device. 13) Choose to contacts and/or calendar with Outlook, which is listed in the pull down menu.

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