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The Earth-2 Insect Queen would later use her abilities to aid Superman in times of need.

This version of Lana Lang was retconned out of existence after the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

When Clark appeared in public as Superman some years later, the lonely and depressed Lana deduced his true identity and became something of a stalker, to the extent that Lex Luthor noticed the frequency with which she appeared in the vicinity of the hero and actually had her tortured in an attempt to gain whatever inside knowledge of Superman she might have.

However, Lana bravely kept Clark's identity a secret and upon his rescuing her their relationship became more healthy once again, albeit still at a distance.

These portrayals include the Adventures of Superboy television series (played by Stacy Haiduk), and the WB television series Smallville (played by Kristin Kreuk).