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On the other hand, cholerics also get along well with other cholerics, because they each appreciate each other’s strong will and independent spirit, along with their general feistiness. Cholerics who are hoping to make a good impression might want to practice the gentle art of attentive listening, empathy, and patience.

Listening, because cholerics often have a tendency to think listening is a waste of time, preferring to cut straight to their proposed solution—which they assume is the best one!

It'll take time for him to accept it's a life for two now.8.

Last but not least and because your very close and true friends are very important, is he willing to accept them and does he get along well with them?

We're not saying any of those two options are bad in any way, in fact some people find them sexy, but we're just saying people tend to talk and talk a lot, which you need to be ready for. Now if your answer is yes, below are a few pointers on what you need to keep in mind when entering a relationship with an older man or a younger one.