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For example, they found that video calls to and from the areas around military bases increased by 8 percent on Valentine’s Day, 2013 when compared to the rest of the year. First, she said, the key is to be creative in how you use it.

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Literally it might take you a minute of your time to record one, and it’s a wonderful keepsake.” Syrtash suggested users use the message to record a bit of home, an ‘I love you’ message or just something to let them know you’re thinking of them. If you and your servicemember are able to schedule a time that she will be available to call, use it as a chance to dress up a little or even share a meal.

Look at what one friend of ours did for her anniversary dinner with her deployed husband.

Instead of waiting for your spouse to be around for a live chat, you can record something in advance for him (or her) to watch when they have a chance.

If it’s on the spicy side, include a warning in their message and suggestion that they make sure they have some privacy.

Since they didn’t have Skype available at the time they just sent each other photos.