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The remaining Huron-Wendat who followed the missionaries fled to French Territory.In the 1700s, as the threat from the Haudenosaunee waned, Ojibwe people began to move back into the area.You can see why this area has been popular for so many years so let Bychoice Estate Agents in Clare help you find your new home today.

Sudbury dating services

For its size, Clare offers a wide range of everyday facilities including doctors, shops, a bank and a public library as well as a number of places to eat and drink.

Clare is a vibrant town with a good community spirit which boasts a large variety of clubs and associations for all ages, ranging from Clare Brownies to the Clare & District Horticultural Society.

For much of the Pre-Contact period, the Indigenous peoples of the area would have been hunter-gathers living mostly in small family groupings which would come together in larger groupings during particular times of the year to collect resources such as fish or berries. E., agriculture was introduced to south Central Ontario, with people growing corn, beans, squash, tobacco and sunflowers.

This led to the development of villages centred around longhouses. E., the five nations of the Huron-Wendat Confederacy had established their villages in the territory they called Wendake, a part of which included what we now call Tiny Township.

In 1798, the Ojibwe (Chippeway) and the British signed Penetanguishene Bay Purchase turning some of the land which would become Tiny Township over to the British who soon after established a naval base at Penetanguishene.