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But like with most fragrances ive tried my skin simply doesnt allow a given scent to project for any real length of time and this was no exception. I dont believe I was simply becoming anosmic, as my coworkers confirmed my suspicions.For perhaps the first hour to 90 minutes the projection was extraordinary. However, it did not utterly retreat into my skin right away, the cloud simply retracted to a more modest reach around me. Deep incense, sweet dark fruit, the tang of oud all dancing in an out in celebration.

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Rather than repeat what many have said, lets just say that Jubilation XXV (non-magnetic cap) did not disappoint.

The notes that come out are amazing..Orange, Frankincense, ohhh the Blackberry, and the Honey, Cinnamon, Rose, Clove, Gaiac Wood, Patchouli, Musk, Ambergris, Oud wood..these notes give Jubilation XXV a very unique spicy woodsy but fruity [berry] feel that is absolutely wonderful to behold! Projection: 7/10 Longevity 9/10 Silage: 8/10 Overall: 8/10 Jubilation XXV is a fantastic fragrance; reminds me of a few others I own i.e.

Unique fragrance unlike no other (except TF Plum Japonaise, they're brothers) !! But what really gets me is the musk in the drydown. It's excellent, that said, it's not the powerhouse I thought it would be.

Its heavenly and I find it always stays in my clothes even thru few washings and for me its heaven. The longevity is a solid 6 hours and the sillage isnt huge but its noticeable. The silage isn't great on me, doesn't project as I would like for the price. This is a transitional type of fragrance that starts off Smokey (which I didn't like) with a subtle hint of Black Berry hiding in the background.

I will follow up with note details after wearing this a few more times. Delicious, sweet, smokey, fruity , woody, oudy, floral and spicy all in one.