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This reality TV show schedule lists debut dates and time slots for new and returning reality shows that debut this summer and beyond.

I frequently update it with officially announced days and times, so bookmark this page and check back—or click the link on the top of any page to visit this list any time.

It's okay to let them use that stuff to promote you, but it needs to be spelled out exactly how it's used and when you will be compensated for the usage.

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Refer to number 2 above for instructions on how to do that. Especially if you make a show like mine about your business.

If, like me, you have thousands of things published out there that pre-date the show, you need to protect all of those things too.

However, there are a few things that would seem obvious about jumping into this business but absolutely are not, and I'm going to take a minute to share them now.

Before anybody else gets hurt (literally or figuratively speaking).

Do not use a friend who is a lawyer and will do it for free. The tech crew for descended on us less than a week after the ink dried on the network contract. Even when they're not filming you (that you're aware of), they're taping every word that comes out of your mouth.

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