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Same-sex activity is illegal and punishable across this region. The GCC saw huge economic growth throughout the 00s, fuelled chiefly by the oil trade, but they took a hit when the world economy crashed in 2008.

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For that reason, sexual relations are not allowed in theater. Then we get to call up our wives/girlfriends/girl-from-high-school-we-wish-we-had-boned and we are left with the most dangerous thing in the world. We are all hopped up on a three month supply of horny and we have at least another four more before we can do anything about it. Everything I write is completely independent research and is supported by fan and follower pledges.

Yes, there is almost no sexual activity that goes on in a deployment zone. In the meantime it is just you, all alone in the tower, no one else for miles. Yeah, sure he sees you, with his beady judging eyes, but you stopped caring back in February.

What a disaster that would be if you get that chance and it doesn't act in the way in which it should.

You don't want to be the guy who gets a misfire or worse, a negligent discharge.

If you’re gay, what might it be like to relocate to the region for work purposes? While being gay can result in capital punishment and imprisonment in Saudi Arabia, the situation if very different in Israel, where same-sex sexual activity is legal and gay people go about their lives without too much fear of persecution.