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But two, that it came from an elite quarterback, in a setting that was obviously going to be televised. And I think then he would really get into a tricky situation, if she was professional enough to at least wait and listen to him answer the question.

There's a number of people with recording devices. But I have asked questions that athletes have scoffed at, and have blown off, or have-- - Can you remind people, before you were on this show, and before you were on the Today Show, what you did, because I think I think a lot of people don't know. A local reporter is in locker rooms, and clubhouses, and on the field, and at locker rooms, and running on the field asking players questions. JENNA WOLFE: But I wouldn't say it's something that runs rampant, but there were definitely times where I was made to feel stupid, if you will, for a question that I asked.

Rodrigue was back in the locker room Thursday, flanked by Mike Persinger, the executive sports editor of The Charlotte Observer.

She issued an apology herself Thursday after coming under fire for using a racial slur in tweets she posted about four years ago.

The tweets were first reported by Black Sports "I apologize for the offensive tweets form my Twitter account from 4/5 years ago," Rodrigue said on her Twitter account.