Failed updating etrust vet engine dating services and indian

I think the program was confused when the first update crashed.

CA e Trust ITM has gone completely nuts today, with a load of seemingly random false positives mostly for Std Win32 in a large number of binaries, including some components of e Trust itself.

The core problem seems to be a signature update from 31.6.6672 to 33.3.7051, there seems to be little consistency in what is being detected as a false positive although there are multiple occurrences of Nokia software, VNC and event DLLs and EXEs belonging to e Trust's core components.

so I install the new version, which after TELLING me it's up-to-date will NOT function, saying the 'engine version' and 'virus signature update' are both missing ... so, why would an A/V product decide to shut itself off because it can't snag the latest update ? anyone else see this bahavior, or am I the only lucky winner ......

I would try that, if I could access the ftp sites with the current defs (as I mentioned above, they won't work here either) ...

CA is aggressively working to resolve the issue, assist any customers who have been affected, as well as identify the root cause of the incident.