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Though unremarkable in many countries, these developments are significant in China, where extramarital sex was a criminal offense just three decades ago.

I have more time to go to France and Italy for working, so language is really important to me.

I'd like to learn English first, then try to learn some French and Italian.

I would like to improve my grammar and versatility in German, and in general, feel more at ease with the language. I'm shu from China, you can call me Adam if you want.

I am free to speak on Skype on Saturday mornings or afternoons (U. EST), and suggest speaking for a half-hour in English, followed by a second half-hour in German. I am living in Tokyo right now,have been learning Japanese for over a year but still not a 上手、I have been learning English for about 20 years so it's just seems like a second language to me.

I hope I can find a nice language partner who speak native English , because I created my business about Exporting trade, I can speak Korean and Japanese.

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