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Einstein also said something like, "A thousand experiments cannot prove me right.

A single experiment can prove me wrong." Please consult our Radiometric Dating Q&A section for answers to many of the questions you are asking. Carter incorrectly states "The rate of decay is also not in question.".

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See: The walls of Jericho, The story of Jericho, and Q and A pages on the Ice Age and radiometric dating. Well, this site provides over 30 years of information. Would you support our efforts to keep this information coming for 30 more years?

See also this useful offsite resource: Jericho chronology dispute. Support this site Yes, I read the article, but I still find it strange that there are multiple observations which point to billions of years of time, yet the Bible is the only thing which points to a few thousand years of time.

C14 was originally calibrated using Egyptian artifacts of "known" age on the "standard" chronology. (1991) Radiocarbon Dating: Recent Applications and Future Potential, Quaternary Proceedings, Number 1, 1991, Wiley Even though this is not my field of study, I happen to have several of these in my files already.

If that chronology is wrong, as many think, the calibration is wrong. But don't forget to compare to what is already available on

Dendrochronology is used to determine variations in the C14/C12 ratio, but dendrochronology has assumptions that are not always valid (see bristlecone pine dating). Yes, a decreasing magnetic field strength would allow for more cosmic rays to enter the atmosphere over time, which would induce increased rates of 14C production and throw off any ancient measurement with respect to modern values.

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