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In Future Harper, Alex finds out that Harper has made money in the future by writing their adventures down.

This makes Alex upset with the present Harper in which Harper responds by being upset with her although she seems mostly confused as to why.

"I have no power with that little girl -- no power whatsoever," Beckham told ET back in September, while promoting his H&M Modern Essentials campaign.

However, she started dating Zeke in Season 3 and 4. Harper was born in Nemaska backstage behind a nightclub to Marty and Elaine Finkle who are a couple of not-so-successful entertainment artists.

Their odd behavior shaped Harper and her fashion sense.

Also Harper would meet the two thousand year old vampire Juliet Van Heusen and, thought hard at her in the beginning, she would grow fonder her.

When the Russo family is preparing itself for a vacation on Caribe, Harper would be dragged into a smirmish in New York subway which would only lead to a dead-end and nearly their deaths.

Harper tries to tell her it's not the right thing to do, but like usual Alex doesn't listen and gets in more trouble.