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Pierson said that the show had become "predictable, stale and irritating to watch" and that it had become "just like the TV shows it mocked".He criticized some episodes for "insulting their viewers' intelligence" and for being "badly written", Brian begins dating a woman named Carolyn, but decides not to have sex with her because (as Stewie points out) none of his relationships have worked because he has sex immediately after they meet.Peter Shin and James Purdum were supervising directors for the entire season. Mac Farlane voiced Peter Griffin, a blue-collar worker and the patriarch of the Griffin family.

Loretta invites Cleveland to a hotel to reconcile with him; however, Cleveland explains that he forgives her for cheating on him but he must move on with his life.

Cleveland then visits Carolyn, whom he discovers is cheating on him with Quagmire. Peter buys a record of his favorite song ("Surfin' Bird" by The Trashmen) and listens to it incessantly, annoying his family.

as the "worst show of the week," a title frequently given the series by the group.

In response to its group's criticism, executive producer David Goodman claimed that Family Guy is "absolutely for adults" and he does not allow his own children to watch the show.

The season also included guest actors voicing themselves, including Frank Sinatra, Jr., Seth Rogen, Lauren Conrad, Johnny Knoxville, Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson, Audrina Patridge, Sinbad, Patrick Stewart, Le Var Burton, Gates Mc Fadden, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Wil Wheaton, Denise Crosby and Rob Lowe.